Lecia Shorter was the court appointed mediator.


LECIA L. SHORTER [#139083], 46, of Beverly Hills was disbarred and ordered to comply with rule 955.

In a strongly worded decision, former State Bar Court Judge David Wesley wrote, "to put it plainly, (Shorter) has stolen,
lied, and is unrepentant. . . . She is seemingly incapable of conforming her conduct to the professional standards
established for California attorneys. . . . Her actions before this court, whether by design or incompetence, have misled
the court and have demonstrated her contempt for the disciplinary system."

Shorter misappropriated $7,000 from clients she represented in two unlawful detainer actions. Although she claimed the
funds were her attorney fees for her alleged representation of the clients in a separate federal case, the judge
disagreed. Her trust account records indicated the funds apparently were used by Shorter to settle other clients'
personal injury claims and to pay other expenses, he said.

Wesley even quoted a federal judge who had accused Shorter of unprofessionalism in the federal case and who said
individuals such as Shorter made the legal profession look "worse than used car salesmen."

During the disciplinary hearing, Shorter tried to have one of her own witnesses cited for contempt, but her motion was
found to be based on a perjured declaration. Wesley called the incident "disturbing," and noted that in another
discipline case against Shorter, she made a similar misrepresentation by filing a false proof of service.

"Although the court considered the conduct at that time to be an extremely aggravating circumstance, (Shorter) was
given one more chance and not disbarred," the court wrote. Shorter "has reinforced to this court that she lacks the
ability to fulfill her duties and obligations to the public and the legal profession."

Shorter did not file quarterly probation reports, but testified her failure was unintentional because she "was suffering
from emotional problems, was depressed, and protected herself by blocking out certain things, particularly
correspondence from the State Bar."

Although Shorter claimed in the most recent case to suffer from depression, the court said she did not present
convincing evidence that her mental problems were linked to the misconduct. Shorter was previously disciplined in 1993
after failing to deposit entrusted funds in a trust account.
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