Judge Shellie Samuels

Better known as the prosecutor in the Robert Blake trial Judge Shellie Samuels is more at home in the smokey gambling halls
of old town Las Vegas (the area north of the Stratosphere Hotel) than the confines of a courtroom. There are many different
varieties of gambling styles in Las Vegas - ranging from the different "slaps" players use while playing a slot machine to the
zombie like trance caused by sitting in front of a machine for hours on end. Judge Samuels fits all too well into the latter category.
At some point hotel security at the Main Street Station Casino (Judge Samuel's base) should have been summoned to come by
and check on Mrs. Samuels pulse because it didn't even look like she had one.

   Though gambling is legal so are a lot of other vices (drinking, smoking, ect.) and there is definitely a fine line between
recreational use and compulsive behavior. In a two day time span Judge Samuels was observed gambling for approximately
10-11+ hours. Observation consisted of this author observing Judge Samuels at different points in the day while entering and
leaving said hotel so this is only an estimate but likely pretty accurate given Judge Samuels was observed at the SAME video
poker machine on several different occasions. And like most degenerate gamblers once they sit down they don't want to leave for
fear of someone else getting their "winning hand."

   And though being a compulsive gambler isn't illegal, the crummy rulings in Judge Samuels court should be. Such as not
permitting questioning of police behavior prior to an arrest for controlled substance use when the only evidence the police
ultimately have is circumstantial evidence such as the defendant perspiring and rapid speech (no drugs or paraphernalia were
found). Which in Judge Samuels court is apparently sufficient to cause a probation violation. The lack of evidence needed in
Judge Samuels court would make even the most committed communist judges in the former USSR blush.

                                                                                 Judge Shellie Samuels