Judge Manuel Real

Judge Manuel Real presents a good example of why it is absolutely critical to have a system of checks and balances in
place to limit the power of any single individual in the judicial process - including judges. Judge Manuel Real is no stranger to
controversy, having himself narrowly avoided the RARELY used impeachment process initiated by Congress in 2006 for
abusing his authority. Apparently, Judge Manuel Real is a slow learner as a recent reversal by the Ninth Circuit Court of
Appeal (June 2010) demonstrates the absurd arbitrariness of Judge Manuel Real's rulings.

     In a lawsuit to quiet title (Case No. CV08-3925 R-SHX) without hearing ANY evidence, Judge Manuel Real on a WHIM
ordered that the Plaintiff was a Vexatious Litigant and ordered court fees in the amount of $20,636.00 against the Plaintiff. On
appeal the Ninth Circuit Appellate Court reversed Judge Manuel Real on both points finding the record was inadequate to
support a finding that the Plaintiff was a vexatious litigant and the imposition of sanctions in the amount of $20,636.00 was
also unsubstantiated.

     Though Judge Manuel Real's egregious ruling was overturned, his blatant abuse of authority is appalling. Despite being
appointed to the bench by President Lyndon Johnson during a period of time when the worldwide fight against communism
and tyranny was nearing it's peak,  this point is also apparently lost on Judge Manual Real as he feels it is permissible to
operate his courtroom as if it were his own dictatorship - inventing "new" laws as HE sees fit.

     Thankfully, Judge Manuel Real's order is
no longer worth the paper it is written on and the only significance it has is
to be one more testament to Mr. Real's incompetence as a Judge. As such, Judge Manuel Real has earned his title - Scam

                                                                             Judge Manuel Real