(Judge Dabney is the short one on the right)

  Also known as the Little Eichmann or "little bitch," if this were 1940's Germany it's retards like Judge Dabney
who could have rationalized the theft, evictions, and incarceration of Europe's less fortunate
as merely simple
functions of the state - unfair yes, but LEGAL nonetheless. All that matters to t
hese idiots is as long as there
is a law CODIFIED somewhere - that a lawyer can cite the legal statute, ethics and morals are simply not
relevant to these retards.

                                      Refusal to accept court documents for filing

  Any Defendant should also keep in mind Judge James Dabney also places a limit on the number of motions a
defendant is allowed to file. Like everything else in court, this number is ARBITRARY and is decided on a whim.
Even though it is the specific job of the court clerk to accept all documents presented for filing, apparently

  Judge James Dabney and his cohort clerk's ways are a true hold-over from the "Deep South" i.e. Rednecks.
Though this does not imply he is racist – rather, the systematic disenfranchisement of individual liberties and
rights that was so rampant in the former Confederate States (before and LONG after the Civil War) is rabid in
Judge Dabney's Court.

Judge Dabney Doesn't like Jury Trials

   The founding fathers of the United States rightly considered the importance of judicial impartiality when the
sixth amendment to the United States Constitution was enumerated to guarantee every citizen's right to
a fair and impartial trial by jury. Despite the fact it is well settled that every Defendant has such a constitutional
right, apparently Judge James Dabney does not understand the importance of the principle underly the Sixth

   It is well known that juries are very sensitive to overt cue's from member's of the court. Apparently Judge
James Dabney is also aware of this phenomenon as EVERY SINGLE TIME THE LACK OF EVIDENCE
KEEP HIS HANDS (BOTH OF THEM) OFF HIS FACE! Judge Dabney could have won an academy award for
spazzing-out  because it is unlikely he could have tried much harder than he did.

    If any of the readers here have the UNFORTUNATE experience of having Judge James Dabney preside over
THEIR jury trial, DEMAND, insist on a court order that Judge Dabney WEAR A BAG OVER HIS HEAD if he starts
pulling that crap. Judge Dabney basically operates "his" courtroom as if it were his own personal fiefdom. A
Defendant's right to constitutional guarantees such judicial impartiality and the due process of law are reduced
to little more than rhetoric in James Dabney's Courtroom.

                                                           Judge Dabney Protest

   Much like the former Soviet Union you have to be careful how you go about protesting (though technically
legal no one ever really did it, for obvious reasons). The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has
threatened arrest and prosecution for publishing ANY of judge Dabney's personal information.

So as to not jeopardize the scam any further ( protest information has been relocated to:
Judge Dabney Protest Info

                                                               Protest Update:

Whoever said protests don't change anything? The author is happy to report that the Protest against Judge
Dabney was largely a success and his case is no longer in this RETARD'S court!