Judge Dudley Gray

       As the presiding Judge who heard appellant's probate petition in Case no. YP009131 Judge Dudley Gray wasn't
even able to completely finish the hearing on said petition because he had an early lunch and adjourned court early that
day.  After stuffing his face Judge Dudley Gray did somehow manage to issue a minute order that simply denied petitioner's
motion without explanation. Contrary to what Judge Dudley Gray may think, California is not a welfare state - it would be nice
if he would at least provide some sort of an explanation with his rulings so everyone doesn't have to guess what his dumbass
is thinking, if he even does think.

       Which is a good lead-in to the next topic. Apparently there is a substantial amount of illicit drug use in Judge Dudley
Grays' household as Dudley's son recently
died from a drug overdose (keep in mind this is the same Dudley who as a
Judge is well known for regularly applying the FULL provisions of the "three strikes clause" to hand out LIFE sentences for
the pettiest offenses) - here's a story of one lady who received a LIFE sentence for
shop-lifting a $30 toolbox.

       Furthermore as a public service, Lynard Skynyrd (the band) has some really
good advice for people like Judge
Dudley Gray (crack head) who continue to abuse illicit drugs, despite the vast resources expended by our government in
the campaign to "Just Say No" begun by the former first lady Nancy Reagan in an effort to stem the communist threat.

       Not only is Judge Dudley Gray a disgrace he is also a threat to our Judicial System. Who knows what he will do for
that next hit of crack? Drug addicts with a lot more financial resources than a judge have been known to resort to
desperate measures to get their next fix. This man simply cannot be trusted.